Tom Brady’s “Shaved Head” Rookie Card from Lelands Big Sales


At one point after the 2000 NFL Draft, sixth-round draft pick Tom Brady sat down to sign a bunch of autographs for a Texas-based trading card company called Playoff. Among the cards he signed was a group of 100 numbered cards for the company’s Contenders brand. He was paid a few dollars for each signing.

The New England Patriots quarterback had no idea those cards would someday be worth millions.

In fact, Brady has probably signed two cards within seconds of each other – numbers 59 and 63 – which have sold over the past three months for over $ 1.7 million. On the heels of a $ 857,695 sale of a BGS 8/9 copy in September, Lelands auctioned a second Contenders Rookie ticket for $ 900,579 late Saturday night. The card was the best-selling item at the company’s classic fall auction.

While premium copies of Brady’s most wanted rookie card have sold for seven-figure prices over the past 12 months, any the 100 serial numbered cards instantly sparks a battle among interested buyers. A total of 34 offers were made after the card was opened at $ 150,000 last month.

Another Brady Rookie Card – this one, actually, rarer – was the third best-selling item at the auction. The Fleer Showcase Legacy 2000 insert, numbered 13/20 and rated 8 by BGS, grossed over $ 157,000.

The card stands out for its low production but also for the photo of Brady on the back for a brief period of shaving his head.

Modern cards made up nine of the top 12 auction lots. A Justin Herbert Rookie Patch Stars & Stripes 2020 National Treasures # 9/20 rated BGS MINT 9/10 patch autograph sold for $ 123,483.

One of six 2003-04 SP Signature LeBron James “The Chosen 1” “Famous Nicknames” rookie autographs (# 19/25) that were rated BGS GEM MINT 9.5 was sold for $ 106,669. Another Brady rookie card, this one, a 2000 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold numbered 23/35 and rated 8.5 by BGS, cost $ 90,061.

The second most expensive item in the auction was decidedly vintage in nature. An early 1930s New York Giants Mel Ott jersey, paired with seven photographs used to create his baseball cards according to Resolution Photomatching, sold for $ 387,009.

Among the old cards was a signed copy of Roberto Clemente’s 1955 Topps rookie card. First offered to the hobby and sourced from a New York autograph collector who started over 60 years ago, the rare relic has fetched $ 77,797.

Other vintage cards and souvenirs sold included:

  • 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle SGC 8 $ 58,054
  • 1958 Alifabolaget Pelé PSA rookie card $ 3,584,054
  • 1961 Don Drysdale Dodgers road uniform
  • 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle SGC 7 $ 33,434
  • 1953 Topps Jackie Robinson SGC 8 $ 30,949

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