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DENVER, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – WemloSM provides an efficient and first-class loan processing experience for mortgage brokers. The first third-party mortgage processing solution with an all-in-one digital platform, wemlo enables mortgage originators to keep tabs on every step of the way while a dedicated team of processors do the heavy lifting. work. Designed for mortgage brokers by mortgage brokers, wemlo’s award-winning technology includes a secure portal for borrowers and a unique brokerage dashboard.

Designed for mortgage brokers, wemlo’s award-winning technology includes a secure borrower portal and brokerage dashboard.

This dashboard allows mortgage originators to access borrower information, view the status of all loans, download documents and more, all with just a few clicks, making everything easy to do. treatment experience. “The wemlo dashboard is extremely user-friendly and provides a great visual throughout the loan process,” says Marcy Downey, a mortgage originator at Motto Mortgage Signature Plus in Florida.

The platform is complemented by a highly skilled team of loan processors who stay on top of the details and streamline the process, helping mortgage originators close loans faster and freeing them up more time to build new business. .

The wemlo processor team acts as an office extension for mortgage brokerages across the country. Bill Mullan, a Pennsylvaniathe wemlo-based mortgage issuer sends about 90% of its loan files to wemlo for processing. “They are very good at making sure things stay the right way and at keeping me informed. I got to know them as individuals, and they are people I love to work with.”

Like any effective remote team, transparent and thoughtful communication is the key to success. The weekly wemlo pipeline meetings have been incredibly useful for Annette beckwith, Vice President of Operations at East Shore Mortgage Services, LLC at Connecticut. “I think the communication has been phenomenal. We haven’t had a single situation where a question was not answered or an email was not answered in a timely manner.”

The right mortgage technology platform seamlessly manages demand, enables automation, streamlines communication, and nurtures your referral network. “Wemlo is extremely efficient, making it a smooth process for everyone involved,” added Downey. If borrowers feel well taken care of, they may be more likely to leave positive feedback, return for future service, and refer the mortgage lender‘s business to their friends.

To learn more about how wemlo can help mortgage brokerages and loan originators work more efficiently, watch a 60-second tutorial or book a 30-minute demo today.

Wemlo,SM NMLS # 1853218, is a technology-driven mortgage processing startup that is reshaping the mortgage broker channel. She developed the first service for mortgage brokers, combining third-party loan processing with an all-in-one digital platform. Its product is marketed and sold to mortgage brokerages and loan originators across the country. Wemlo is a subsidiary of RE / MAX Holdings, which includes RE / MAX®, one of the world’s leading franchisors of real estate brokerage services, and Motto Mortgage®, the leading national mortgage brokerage franchise brand in the United States.

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