These airlines allow travelers to pay gradually, so you can escape now and pay later


Booking airline tickets can get expensive, but these airlines allow travelers to pay gradually so you can travel now and pay later.

It is difficult to sum up the importance of the trip. First of all, the job can be very stressful and for many the way to escape this pressure is to travel to a destination where they can find some peace. Traveling is also important because it teaches important life lessons, reveals the beauty of the earth, and even helps people cope with stress and other worries in life. It is therefore important that people have the means to travel. Even when it is not about finding happiness, emergencies that require immediate attention can arise and depressing regrets can arise when such trips are not catered for due to finances.

These concerns have been reflected on and taken into account by these major airlines around the world which are now offering people the opportunity to help them achieve their travel desires while paying according to their financial strengths.

9 American Airlines offers travelers living in the United States a flexible reimbursement plan

Largest airline in North America according to allows travelers to pay for their tickets for up to 6 months. To use this option, travelers must first apply for an American Airlines credit card and then request the flight using the credit card. This offer works best for travelers who fly very often with American Airlines; although, since it comes with an annual fee of $ 0, it wouldn’t hurt to get one as it offers rewards as well. Travelers with American Airlines credit cards are eligible to earn bonus miles ranging from 10,000 to 60,000 miles.

An important thing to note is that tickets of $ 150 or more are charged interest free; however, full payment must be made within 6 months, or the traveler’s credit card may be debited with accrued interest on the ticket from the date of purchase.

8 Save the worry of paying for later when traveling with Delta Airlines

With coverage of over 300 destinations in 60 countries, Delta Airlines definitely attracts a large following, and travelers who enjoy Delta Airline’s impressive services will be surprised at the flexibility they can have. With Delta Airlines, travelers can split the cost of their ticket into 6, 12 or 18 parts which they can then pay flexibly in 6, 12 or 18 months with little monthly interest. To take advantage of this service, travelers must request the flight with Delta Airline and use Affirm as a payment option.

7 United Airlines lets you pay for as long as you want

Travelers can travel to many popular destinations in the United States and around the world with United Airlines, and then pay for their ticket with the same flexibility as purchasing monthly rides. To use this method, travelers simply need to select Uplift as their payment method when requesting their United Airlines ticket. They can then choose from payment options over 6, 11 or 18 months.

6 Travelers to parts of the Middle East can also get great deals with Emirates Airlines

In 2011, Emirates and Citibank collaborated to launch the “fly now” service, which works just as it looks. Travelers have a huge list of destinations they can travel to, including the most remote parts of the world, and then pay off their bills interest-free within three months.

Citibank, which is responsible for the initial flight loan, reserves the service to travelers who have Citibank credit cards; However, this premium service is also available for holders of some selected bank credit cards in the Middle East, such as ADCB and Dubai Islamic Bank. It gets even juicier for customers with Gulf Bank credit cards, as they can now book flights and pay for their tickets within 12 months without any additional interest.

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5 Take advantage of British Airways services and pay your bills later

The flag carrier and most popular airline in the UK according to uses Affirm to offer flexible travel services that can be flexibly paid for over a period of 3, 6 and 18 months. The PayPal credit option is also available as a payment method in British Airways and also offers a flexible payment option for travelers like Affirm.

4 JetBlue Airways splits travelers’ bills and spreads them out over an entire year

The second largest airline in the UK according to offers to bring vacationers and other travelers to their destinations and then allows them to make monthly payments until payment for their flight is made. JetBlue uses UpLift to offer travelers this flexibility and the payment term can be up to 12 months.

JetBlue also worked with Goldman Sachs to launch the online loan service – MarcusPay, which is now available as a payment option in JetBlue. This service, like UpLift, helps travelers with their tickets which can then be paid in monthly installments.

3 Enjoy now, pay later with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The national carrier of the Netherlands uses PayPal Credit to offer travelers the option – Bill Me Later. This allows payments to be made for airline products purchased within 6 months without additional interest; however, if the payment ultimately exceeds 6 months, the interest rates will be included in the invoice.

When making a request with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, travelers should select Paypal as their departure option and then tap Bill Me Later on the next page.

2 Laybuy’s Buy Now, Pay Later option is now available on Easyjet

Easyjet, one of Europe’s largest airlines, recently opened up plenty of travel opportunities for Britons and other travelers who couldn’t afford instant payments for their flight. The airline is now working with Laybuy to give travelers the opportunity to enjoy their vacation and make payments in 6 months.

1 Pay monthly when with Spirit Airlines now also offers

The low-cost airline of the United States offers the option of monthly payment for traveling travelers. Travelers now have the option of paying their travel bills for up to 11 months. Spirit Airlines is working with Uplift to help travelers achieve this flexibility.

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