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There is huge interest in cryptocurrencies and we want to enable people to pay with crypto in the general public. They no longer need to simply store their crypto funds, but start using them for payments.

– Ziga Toni, Deputy Managing Director

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, October 23, 2021 / – The new service is available to all merchants with an Android payment terminal or a mobile terminal application from Global Payments. The cryptocurrency service is provided by GoCrypto, the world’s leading crypto-payment provider. To start accepting crypto currencies, it’s extremely simple – business owners just need to sign a contract with Global Payments and download an Android app called generalist.

“There is now a huge interest in cryptocurrencies and we want to allow people to pay with crypto in the general public. They no longer need to simply store their crypto funds, but start using them for payments. This means they can walk into a store, select products and pay with crypto, ”says Žiga Toni, deputy general manager of GoCrypto.

Buyers who have Elly,, or Binance cryptocurrency wallets can purchase goods using wallets on their phones. When paying, they simply scan the payment QR code on the merchant’s terminal. The trader can choose whether they want to receive the settlement in cryptocurrency or exchange it in their local currency – CZK in the Czech Republic, EUR in the Eurozone.

“We’re happy to be able to help buyers use their crypto wallets in almost any location with payment terminals now. And we’re excited to be able to help merchants gain more customers by offering them another popular payment method, ”said Robert Mazouch, Country Director of Global Payments Czech Republic.

How to shop with cryptocurrencies
If you want to buy cryptocurrency, it’s easy. The only thing you need is a mobile crypto wallet. Download it from Google Play or App Store; we recommend that you choose the Elly wallet from Eligma, the same company that developed the GoCrypto solution for traders. The wallet offers you the possibility to buy several cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the app: you decide how much you want to buy and pay with a payment card.

Mobile crypto wallets also allow you to use your crypto for payments – in online stores with GoCrypto or in physical stores using Global Payments with built-in GoCrypto. Payment is easy; you just need to scan the payment QR code generated by the merchant and validate the transaction.
GoCrypto currently supports three wallets: Elly,, and Binance.

How to accept cryptocurrencies
If you are a trader and want to offer your customers the option of paying in crypto, you can use the GP tom app, which turns your mobile phone into a payment terminal.
Acceptance of crypto is popular in tourist areas; today there are many crypto enthusiasts who want to pay with this alternative payment option wherever they go. Once payment has been made, the merchant can receive settlement in one of the selected supported cryptocurrencies or in their local currency, as they always have.

Crypto and card payments everywhere
The GP tom app allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies and card payments with their mobile phone rather than the traditional terminal. The app works on all phones with Android 8 operating system, internet connectivity and NFC chip.
The biggest advantage of the GP tom app is that small merchants will no longer need additional payment terminal hardware; they can simply accept payments on their cell phones. They can accept card and crypto payments anywhere there is an internet connection. Due to the fact that the receipt is sent or displayed electronically, GP tom is ideal for taxi drivers, nautical equipment rental companies, craftsmen, traders or small shops.

The GP tom app can be downloaded from Google Play as soon as the merchant enters into an agreement with Global Payments.
Price and invoice

The transaction price is 1.25% of the amount paid. These fees are paid by the merchant. A receipt is delivered electronically by SMS, email or by displaying and scanning a QR code.

COVID-19 increased electronic transactions by 25%
Buyers have started to increasingly use electronic payments during the spring coronavirus escalation and research shows the practice continues strongly. Fearing that banknotes and coins could be contaminated with the novel coronavirus, many retail chains have even started asking customers to use card payments and other payment methods, reducing contact or l ‘completely eliminating.
Global Payments terminals in Central Europe currently process approximately 890,000 transactions per day. This is 180,000 more than before the coronavirus crisis, an increase of 25%. The average amount of a retail transaction has also increased from 22 to 25 euros.

About GoCrypto
Created by a team of crypto experts who envisioned the use of crypto in everyday purchases, the GoCrypto solution enables merchants to accept instant crypto payments. Traders have the option of receiving settlements exchanged in their local currency or supported cryptocurrency of their choice. GoCrypto operates as a global payment system connecting crypto users, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies, cash register system providers, payment solution providers, and merchants. Currently available in 64 countries, GoCrypto is the fastest growing crypto payment network in the world, constantly adding new currencies and new wallets, allowing the growing number of crypto enthusiasts to use crypto in their everyday life. GoCrypto currently supports Wallet, Elly Wallet, and Binance Pay, allowing buyers to pay with over 40 different cryptocurrencies.

About global payments
The world’s largest provider of payment technology and services. The company is present in 100 countries, has 24,000 employees and 3.5 million customers. It processes more than 50 billion transactions per year. GP mainly focuses on small traders and entrepreneurs and ensures that customers can pay with their cards both in traditional stores and on the internet. Global Payments equips terminal stores and e-shops with payment gateways. In stores, customers can easily pay with their card, cell phone or watch.

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