Rocket Pro TPO redesigns the price calculator for brokers


In the face of a serious housing shortage, exceptional broker service is more important than ever. With forced auctions becoming the new normal, the best brokers understand the importance of providing loan prices quickly and with certainty.

Purchase arrangements require more broker resources than refinancing. There are a lot more moving parts, and loan originators spend a lot of time communicating with clients and their real estate agents. Rocket Pro TPO helps speed up the entire mortgage process with underwriting speed and giving broker clients the information they need in a concise and clear format.

TPO Price Calculator provides quick access to loan information

Rocket Pro TPO recently redesigned their price calculator to make it easier than ever to use. Brokers can get a pricing scenario simply by identifying the loan type, property information, and loan amount. Even with a limited amount of client and loan information, a broker can compare multiple products and share their findings with their clients.

“This allows our partners to sell quickly,” said Mike Fawaz, senior vice president of Rocket Pro TPO. “They can save and share multiple loan options faster with less work and fewer customer details. This is exactly what a broker needs to get client certainty faster.

The updated price calculator is more powerful and provides faster results with fewer entries. Built using Rocket technology, the Pricing Calculator helps LOs see loan scenarios side by side so they can offer better options to their customers.

Speed ​​sets mortgage brokers apart from the competition

Rocket Pro TPO supports partner brokers in a number of ways by providing them with tools, training, leads and industry referrals and knowledge that might otherwise be difficult for a small brokerage to access.

Brokers using Rocket Pro TPO’s redesigned pricing calculator and faster access to information sets them apart from other loan officers who may need to delve into a client’s financial life for pricing scenarios. They can share up to three loan options with customers on one screen to present the best options. Brokers even use Rocket Pro TPO’s price calculator to get a clear explanation of why a product may be ineligible.

For a broker, the ability to instantly view the costs associated with various mortgage options, even with limited access to information up front, is crucial. Rocket Mortage has built the technology behind the TPO Price Calculator from scratch using feedback from its broker partners.

Rocket Pro TPO understands what a broker faces on a typical day. Providing a pricing tool that a broker can use when on the go, speaking to multiple clients, and when using their phone as their primary tool makes a difference for Rocket Partner Brokers. The Rocket Pro TPO pricing calculator technology stack also allows the business to act quickly in response to additional broker feedback.

Accurate market pricing in one minute

In this competitive environment, a home buyer can talk to several other brokers during the verification process as they try to decide who should handle their mortgage. A broker capable of providing quotes in less than 60 seconds will undoubtedly have the edge in a competitive scenario.

in this rapidly changing market, it is also important to be able to provide up-to-date quotes. Brokers using Rocket Pro TPO’s price calculator can click “update” in a saved loan scenario and get a current price including fees in less than a minute. The tool is even linked to a rate sheet which provides additional certainty that the numbers that Rocket Pro TPO partner brokers provide to their clients match the numbers they will see on the loan estimate.

Rocket Pro TPO pricing calculator helps brokers grow

Rocket Pro TPO aims to help its broker partners to develop their activities. The new price calculator provides brokers with fast, reliable and accessible information that can differentiate them from their competitors. Amid this severe housing shortage, brokers need tools to help them provide top notch service to homebuyers.

“When we engage with brokers, we will invest over $ 100 million in technology,” Fawaz said. “This is just the very first portal enhancement to come for our partners. “

Rocket Pro TPO broker partners have the opportunity to tap into the marketing expertise and technological power of the entire Rocket Pro TPO team. The Price Calculator is the result of feedback from mortgage brokers, based on their feedback, brokers see it as a very valuable tool to help them grow their business.

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