Rochester, NH Walmart cashier witnesses unreal chain reaction



The Rochester, New Hampshire Walmart is perhaps New England’s friendliest place

What happened at Rochester, NH Walmart yesterday is by no means a unique situation. In reality, something similar happened about 6 weeks ago, but not as much as yesterday.

A real “Pay It Forward” moment has occurred and has triggered a chain reaction

According to his post in the You KNOW you’re from Rochester, NH if you … Facebook group, Tina Gouin witnessed something absolutely incredible. Tina, who is a cashier at Rochester Walmart, was working on her line when she met a customer who did not have enough money for their purchase.

Show generosity.

“The spirit of giving is not over. A mom checking out Walmart didn’t have enough money to cover all of her items and started digging around for things to give back. When she turned her back on the woman in line behind her, that second lady paid the difference. Then the next woman covered the entire purchase for that second lady! I spent the day witnessing such kindness. ” – Tina Gouin

Pay It Forward channels have grown in popularity over the years

This started a chain that lasted 2.5 days and saw 900 foreigners buying meals for each other.

According to the Global Pay It Forward Day website, the idea of ​​paying in advance was launched in Australia in 2007, and hit the United States in 2008. Over the years, we hear more and more about the Pay It Forward chains hitting different drive-through restaurants or other businesses across the country. In December 2020, according to the Washington Post, a man from a Dairy Queen drive-thru in Minnesota bought his own meal and ordered the car behind him. This started a chain that lasted 2.5 days and saw 900 foreigners buying meals for each other.

Yesterday’s chain at Rochester Walmart might not have involved 900 people, but it still made a huge impression on those who were either present to make it happen or read about it afterwards.

“Reading this article makes me () proud to call Rochester my home.” – Frank Murray

“It’s amazing!” – Mandy Vacca

“I was able (once) to ‘pay next’. The young woman kept saying: ‘No, no!’ but that made me happy. I will do it again when the opportunity arises! ‘ – The van room

If it has been said once, it will be repeated a million times – there is no bounty like the bounty of northern New England, and no one pays attention to their neighbors anymore.

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