Nationwide Payment Systems rolls out new platform


Nationwide Payment Systems (NPS), which works in commerce enablement, has rolled out its Worldwide Digital Payments global processing platform, according to a Tuesday, April 5 press release.

The platform will power payments for crypto companies and those working in related industries, helping these businesses expand their reach by accepting credit cards rather than limiting sales to cryptocurrency tokens alone.

The statement noted that since there are more credit card consumers than crypto customers, businesses will be able to capitalize on a larger audience and increase sales. According to Allen Kopelman, CEO and co-founder of NPS, these businesses need things like credit card processing.

Kopelman said the program allows digital marketplace and e-commerce merchants to use a global processing engine and a single sign-on for a full account.

“Anyone in the cryptocurrency space can set up a consultation and look at what we have for processing as well as banking solutions, as some companies are struggling to get banking services,” Kopelman said, adding that traders of all types have signed up.

“We offer a global payment processing solution for the universe, metaverse, multiverse and beyond,” he continued. “We accept NFT applications; NFT marketplaces; NFT games; Web3; Challenge ; cryptocurrency exchanges; cryptocurrency coins; metaverse; Metaverse games; Metaverse Real Estate and a range of crypto-related businesses in the gaming and esports industries.

PYMNTS wrote that, in other crypto payments news, European Union lawmakers have proposed an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regime that would ensure that there must be identification and filtering for any cryptographic transaction, regardless of size.

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However, the European Central Bank (ECB) has also introduced a proposal exempting users of its own central bank digital currency (CBDC) from AML checks for small transactions, which essentially makes the CBDC become more legitimized by compared to other digital coins.

ECB Director Fabio Panetta said a digital euro “would offer people a level of privacy equal to or better than private digital solutions”.



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