Sheboygan Water Service

A loan application to finance improvements to the Sheboygan water utility has been submitted to the Wisconsin DNR for public comment.

City seeks a 30-year drinking water loan from the state to finance its $ 35 million project to install a new 54-inch intake spanning 6,000 feet into the lake Michigan and construction of a new coastal well and low-rise pumping station. The installation is expected to last 100 years.

As expected, the loan would be repaid from the water utility’s revenues and would have no impact on property taxes or the City budget.

The Safe Drinking Water Loan Program has already determined that there will be no significant adverse environmental effects and does not anticipate further review, but those wishing to comment are urged to contact MNR.

The public is encouraged to submit comments regarding this decision and the potential environmental impacts of this project. Submit your comments by December 22, 2021 to:

Ministry of Natural Resources

C / O Kevin Olson, Community Financial Aid, CF / 2

BP 7921 Madison, WI 53707

Phone: 608-234-2238 or email: [email protected]government

Based on the comments received, the SDWLP can prepare an environmental scan before proceeding with the funding process. The analysis would summarize the Department of Natural Resources’ review of project impacts and reasonable alternatives.



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