Man dragged for letting his wife take a nap on Mother’s Day and spending $290 on his own mother


A man who ignored his own wife on Mother’s Day in favor of his mother, spending most of his family’s money on her, is dragged.

Writing on the Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, u/PortableChaos719 got over 11,300 upvotes and 1,300 comments for their post, “[Am I the A**hole] for “overreacting” about how everything went on Mother’s Day?”

She says her friends and her husband think she is overreacting, but she wanted an unbiased source to intervene. She has two sons, 12 and 9, from a previous relationship, and has been with her husband for eight years, married for five.

She says she feels like everyone in her life expects her to fix everything for them, and she’s been “pouring from an empty cup for a few months now.” On Mother’s Day, she says she took a nap while her husband watched the kids – and what a nap: it lasted between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

But when she finally woke up, things weren’t what she expected. She asked if her husband had cooked the food she had defrosted for dinner. He didn’t, because he didn’t feel like cooking. The children had been fed, however, just instant soup instead of something more substantial.

“I just thought it was incredibly selfish and inconsiderate. Mainly because he didn’t want to cook because he was playing video games. I didn’t get any cards or gifts or anything. Everything what i did was take a nap,” u/PortableChaos719 wrote.

In a comment, she added that her kids didn’t know it was Mother’s Day. She said their school didn’t party — so as not to alienate motherless students — and her husband didn’t mention it. Her eldest son, however, was upset that he didn’t know and wrote her a handwritten letter the next day.

She said that since dinner had not been prepared, she was going to go out and have a meal at the restaurant. Her husband then asked her if he could bring her something “from a different place on the other side of town”. She says she pointed out that it was Mother’s Day and that he should go instead – and although he initially complained because he was busy playing video games , he gave in.

“He came back with something I didn’t want because he ‘thought I would like it’ and later admitted we had no money for what I wanted (steak and shrimp, which is a bit pricey),” u/PortableChaos719 wrote.

Surprised at the lack of funds, as they had $400 in their joint account on Saturday, she asked what happened to the money. He said he sent his mother $250 to pay for her car payment and a $40 bouquet of flowers. Given that u/PortableChaos719 only got a substandard nap and dinner, she was upset, but her husband and friends say she’s “blowing it all up.”

A man is trolled on Reddit for ignoring his wife on Mother’s Day in favor of an expensive gift for his own mother.

Husbands who don’t appreciate their wives on Mother’s Day — assuming, of course, they’re actually mothers — are playing a dangerous game, says relationship expert Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. The day after Mother’s Day is the day cheat-based dating service attracts the most female signups, Dr. Weil writes on its website.

“It is imperative that men honor the work that comes with being a wife, a mother and having a job outside the home, especially on Mother’s Day – the day of the year in which the husband can honor the dedication and specialized work involved in being a mother It is essential that men show appreciation for their wives at home and in the office, especially men who invalidate, ignore or don’t listen can send the message of being taken for granted or not liking it,” Weil wrote.

Reddit widely agreed that her husband should have done better this Mother’s Day.

“[Not the A**hole] – Your husband spent almost 75% of the limited funds you had in what I assume was a joint account without discussing it with you? That alone is cause for major concern within your marriage,” u/Forward_Squirrel8879 wrote in the top-rated comment with nearly 20,000 upvotes.

“I don’t even understand this. I don’t like my daughter’s dad but I always make an effort to buy a present or help make a card for our daughter to give to her on Father’s Day because it doesn’t isn’t about me, it’s about the child and the other parent,” u/Ecstatic_Policy_1569 wrote.

“[Not the A**hole] but forget that one day – you have a problem because your husband is not a full and participating member of the household, and he took a large sum of money from a joint account without telling you,” wrote u /Sea-Mud5386.”New ground rules. Now. He learns to cook, he doesn’t give a damn about video games and handles household chores more, and you have a deal on what comes out of that account. You’re exhausted because he treats you like crap and then he’s irritated that you don’t take it easy.”

“[Not the A**hole]. I would also be p**sed that my husband could afford to offer almost $300 to his mother, but couldn’t even get the dinner I wanted. Give him the same on Father’s Day and see how he likes it,” u/Lyria666 wrote.

“I was going to say calm down until I saw the last bit. Oh no, he didn’t go over the top for mom and not for you. He should have worked this out with you before he paid his mom’s bills, especially with so little in the bank,” u/Minute_Box3852 wrote.

Newsweek contacted u/PortableChaos719 for comment.


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