ForumPay and Pagadito Deploy Crypto Payments Across Central America and the Caribbean


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ForumPay has partnered with Pagadito, the leader in online payments in Central America, to accept crypto across the region, including Bitcoin in El Salvador.

We especially like the instant convert feature which eliminates the risk of volatility while preserving all the features of crypto payments.

– Marco Guirola – CEO of Pagadito

ZURRIEQ, MALTA, October 21, 2021 / – As a result of the deal, more than 6,000 Pagadito merchants in thirteen Central American and Caribbean countries can now benefit from accepting crypto payments from any of the 250 million crypto wallet holders in the world.

One of those countries, El Salvador, declared Bitcoin to be legal tender nationwide as of September 7, and the relationship between Pagadito and ForumPay instantly and transparently made it possible for all Pagadito merchants to accept payments. cryptocurrency payments in accordance with this provision.

Encrypted payments with ForumPay are even easier than using a credit or debit card. A consumer simply scans the QR code presented at a point of sale in store or online with his crypto wallet. ForumPay instantly converts crypto to fiat at the best available execution rate and settles into the merchant’s bank account the next day.

Josh Tate, CEO and Co-Founder of ForumPay, said, “We are excited to work with the Pagadito team and facilitate the deployment of crypto payments in El Salvador and Central America. This represents another important step in achieving our mission to democratize payments and roll out crypto payments around the world. ”

Marco Guirola, CEO and Founder of Pagadito, said: “We look forward to a highly productive and innovative relationship with ForumPay, and we are confident that it will bring financial inclusion to a large number of people who currently do not have bank account or who are paying very high transaction fees. We especially like the instant convert feature which eliminates the risk of volatility while preserving all the features of crypto payments.

ForumPay is a full-service fiat payment technology company. Our core processing technology helps businesses attract new customers, optimize customers’ ability to spend, and increase revenue by onboarding over 250 million crypto consumers around the world. Our wallet agnostic solution enables the entire crypto consumer community to spend with their favorite cryptocurrency and from their preferred wallet for all everyday purchases of goods and services to automobiles and immovable. Our services eliminate the trader’s exposure or risk by processing the transaction with instant conversion from crypto to traditional currency. Our merchants simply receive their payments in the currency of their choice directly to their preferred bank account. The transactional experience is the same as accepting other popular payment options, including cash, credit cards, and wire transfers, but simpler, faster, and more secure.

In today’s competitive environment, ForumPay is a great tool for businesses to gain a serious competitive advantage with the world’s fastest growing consumer segment. Over 5.6 million wallets were downloaded in January of this year alone. Studies show that 40% of consumers who spend crypto with merchants are actually new customers, hence our characterization of ForumPay as a customer acquisition tool. Additionally, crypto consumers have been shown to spend twice the AOV compared to a typical credit card consumer illustrating the attractive and affluent demographics.

Pagadito is a 12-year-old business with over 6,000 merchants ranging from governments and utility companies to NGOs and entrepreneurs, and over 250,000 active payment users. As a leader in online payments and innovation in Central America and parts of the Caribbean, Pagadito has gone digital since 2009, received numerous international awards from traditional payment entities such as card brands and banks, and complies with the highest security certifications, and is now poised to successfully develop acceptance of crypto in its region of operations.

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