Commercial Private Equity pre-approves loan application within 24 hours with their streamlined underwriting process


Atlanta, GA, November 13, 2021 – ( – Due to the pandemic, U.S. banks have cut lending to record levels and made loan applications longer than before. This has made acquiring loans a challenge for borrowers. In these tough times, private lenders are offering hard money loans and getting approved quickly through their efficient underwriting processes.

Commercial Private Equity is one of those Atlanta-based private hard money lenders. They have been offering hard money loans for over seventy five years now and offer interest rates as low as 10%.

The private lender has a premium underwriting process that is straightforward and ends in a matter of days. Their experts focus on finding commercial properties with a low loan-to-value ratio to help their clients achieve their financial goals.

Commenting on the underwriting process, a company representative said, “We know banks can take a lifetime to process loan applications, and customers can’t wait that long. That’s why we’ve kept our underwriting process simple, and we’ve been known to pre-approve loan applications within twenty-four hours. Since we want to make acquiring loans easy for everyone, we pre-approve loans without any cost or financial obligation.

The company offers a wide range of specialist hard money loans, including commercial hard money loans, bridging loans, construction loans, turnaround loans and rough land loans. The private hard money lender also provides general loans and business loans to its clients in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers cash loans on many commercial properties including restaurants, golf courses, warehouses, offices, hotels, gas stations and many more.

The Atlanta-based lender aims to expand its financial services into other areas and make the underwriting process easier to make acquiring loans easier for its clients.

Those interested in obtaining hard money loans can use the information provided below to contact Commercial Private Equity representatives.

About commercial private equity
Commercial Private Equity is an Atlanta-based private lender with seventy-five years of experience in the hard money lending market. The company is popular because of its specialized hard money loans and excellent loan programs. The company serves local and international clients and helps them acquire excellent hard money loan deals with low interest rates.

Contact details
Company Address: 235 Peachtree St., NE Suite 403, Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone number: 404-301-8633
Company website:
Email address: [email protected]


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