Change the orientation of the Apple Watch Digital Crown for left-handed and right-handed people


The Apple Watch can be worn on either wrist, with the Digital Crown up or down, but you’ll need to change the screen orientation in Settings.

The apple watch is one of the most popular smartwatches in the world and is an ideal companion for the iPhone, but users may wish to change the screen orientation of the device to suit their needs. There are a ton of things that can be customized on the Apple Watch to suit user preferences, from the home screen to the always-on display. This is the ideal software implementation for a wearable device that many people use, as almost everyone will find a unique way to use their watch. For example, some might use their watch only for the time, while others might use it primarily for fitness tracking. More importantly, some users may wear the Apple Watch on their left or right wrist and may need to change the screen orientation depending on their usage.


The Apple Watch was first unveiled in 2015 and quickly became one of the best-selling smartwatches in the world, selling millions in its first year. A lot has changed about the Apple Watch in the seven-plus years since its initial release, and Apple has added many features. These include water resistance, new health sensors, and software improvements. But from day one, it was possible to change the screen orientation on the Apple Watch to suit the user’s preferences. The ways users can adjust screen orientation have changed over the years, and there are several different methods on both iPhone and Apple Watch.

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In some versions of WatchOS and iOS, there will be an option to change the Apple Watch screen orientation directly in the setup process. Once the pairing process begins, users will be presented with different options to get started with a new Apple Watch. Before starting the watch, they can select shared notifications, apps downloaded to the Apple Watch, and whether to add Apple Pay cards to the device. In one of these menus, the user can modify the orientation of the screen of his watch. To do this, the Apple Watch asks if the device is worn on the left or right wrist and if the Digital Crown is on the left or right side of the device. Based on these selections, the Apple Watch can automatically adjust the orientation of the screen and ensure that the Digital Crown moves in the correct direction.

Change the orientation directly on the Apple Watch

After the setup process is complete, it is still possible to change the screen orientation on both Apple Watch and iPhone. On the Apple Watch, go to the Settings app – which has a gear icon – and tap “General”. Next, scroll down to “Orientation” using the digital crown. Here the Apple Watch will show the current configuration with a green tick next to the option. To change the layout, tap the “Left” or “Right” wrist options and the “Left” or “Right” digital crown options. The screen orientation will instantly change based on selections so users can test the best orientation for their uses. The process is almost identical on the iPhone but begins in the Apple Watch app. Once open, follow the instructions above to navigate the Settings menu and change the screen orientation.

The best Apple Watch orientation depends on the wearer’s use case and, in most cases, their laterality. Traditionally, watches are worn on the wrist opposite the wearer’s dominant hand, so the wearer can quickly check the time while performing other tasks. The Apple Watch comes with an orientation that suits right-handed people who wear their watch on the left wrist by default, but can be changed to suit user preference. When it comes to screen orientation on the Apple Watch, the most important selection is the Digital Crown orientation. Whichever wrist the Apple Watch is worn on, the Digital Crown should be set to be closest to the hand. This way, it’s easy to touch the crown without obstructing the screen. The AppleWatch the orientation of the screen can be configured to the liking of the user with a few clicks in the Settings menu.

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