Carvana’s arrival at SD aims to change car buying


SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — If someone is looking for a car but doesn’t want to go the traditional route of driving through a parking lot, Carvana has another option; just like a vending machine, they will need a coin to place their order.

With the drop of a coin, the machine kicks into gear and buyers can literally watch their dream car be picked, moved and transported to them. The car is then driven into the driveway where buyers can take off and test drive the vehicle. A style of vending machine unique to Carvana.

The process begins online where they can scroll through store inventory, choose the vehicle they want, and fill in the necessary information into their auto loan calculator to determine their financing options. Customers decide what suits them best and place their orders.

“It’s all done at your own pace, what you’re looking for is like you’re on Amazon and you think I need it,” said Carvana Vending Machine Specialist Shankea Townsend.

Because the middleman is cut out, there are no additional costs, which they say also makes the process less stressful and keeps them competitive with other places that sell cars.

“We’re not a dealer, we don’t have dealer fees, you don’t have to worry about sales people trying to pitch you something. It’s all done by yourself, at home, or if you want to call us we can walk you through or you can come in and we can help you,” Townsend said.

Even though this car vending machine is new to San Diego, there are Carvanas all over the country.


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