BBK launches new loan application functionality via the BBKPLUS app



Special rates for the first 100 loans!

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, continuously strives to present its clients with the latest technological solutions to further enhance their banking experience.

Following the successful launch of the BBKPLUS app in July of last year, which allows customers to open accounts with BBK within minutes, BBK is proud to present the second wave of services that will allow new and existing customers to apply for a consumer loan. through the app at their convenience through a fast and secure application process.

In addition to account opening services that allow customers to open a Savings Account, Salary Transfer Account, Multi-Currency Money Maker Account, or Al Hayrat Account, customers can now apply for a loan from consumption through their mobile phones or tablets using the BBKPLUS app which provides a fast but secure application process using the latest technologies such as identity and identity verification, customer verification and document verification, which are all necessary to apply for a loan in an agency. Moreover, it allows clients to apply for top up on their existing loans where clients will only have to submit a few documents through the app and transfer their existing loans from other banks to BBK.

Dr AbdulRahman Ali Saif, CEO of BBK Group, said: “We are delighted to present the latest wave services which are part of our digitization strategy for the modern individual. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients by providing a smooth and flexible application process where clients can apply for a loan at their convenience through the BBKPLUS app. He added: “At BBK, we are making clear and firm progress to make BBK the future Bank”.

Dr Adel Salem, Managing Director of Retail Banking at BBK, said: “We aim to create a fully integrated banking experience through the BBKPLUS app that will allow customers to sit down and do their banking on their own. comfort. The new loan application process will allow them to apply for a loan or request a top-up in a highly secure and user-friendly interface, adapting to all customers and their different lifestyles in today’s rapidly changing digital world. ‘hui.

Once customers have signed up and started the application process, they will be able to sign out and back in, to continue where they left off without losing any information entered. Additionally, customers will also be able to resubmit documents without having to go through the entire app again.

He added: “We are delighted to offer a very special interest rate to the first 100 loan seekers through the BBKPLUS app. In addition to this, eligible applicants will also enter a raffle to win 10 monthly cash prizes worth BD 300 each if they apply for a loan in July, August and September ”.

To benefit from the service, new customers will simply need their mobile devices and their Bahraini personal ID card, in addition to a second ID. When downloading the app, they will need to register and verify their identity. Customers will then be able to request a Consumer Credit or request a top-up or transfer their credit to BBK, in addition to the existing account opening functionality. The Bank, in a second phase, will also launch auto loans and mortgages through the same app.

The BBKPLUS app is available for all iOS and Android users and will be the latest in a series of technology banking services recently launched by BBK.

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait has shown leadership in providing cutting-edge technology and services with the aim of providing its clients with a convenient banking experience. The Bank recently launched the Ask BBK, Electronic Remittance via MaxWallet, Instant Card and Certificate Issuance service to cater to all customers and their fast-paced lifestyles by providing them with a seamless, self-service banking experience.

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